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Ordering Snapper Gear

Below is a one stop shop for your team suit, googles, t-shirt, sweatshirt and other gear! Only a suit is required.

It is highly recommended that swimmers try on suits as the sizing for competition suits is really unique. A team suit fit kit will be available the first week of practice for swimmers to determine their size.You will then be able to order our team suit and other gear from the team store.

To Access our team store click  here : Snappers Team Store

Items ship directly to families. Orders totaling $49 or more receive free shipping. 

Bathing suits should ship within a day or two of ordering. All gear with logos could take up to 2 weeks to receive.

If you have any questions or problems, please email [email protected]

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About Snapper Gear


Team suits are mandatory for all swimmers. They can be purchased at our Snappers team store. Typically suit styles change every two years; we ARE switching to a new suit for 2024. We will be wearing the Sporti Sonic Bloom suit in green.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have never bought a swim team suit before, please wait to try them on at the Swim Suit Sale as the sizing is very unusual and returns are difficult and may cause your child to not have a suit in time for the first swim meet. A kit will be available at every practice the first week to figure out your child's size.

Swim Caps

For girls, swim caps are strongly suggested for practices and are required for all swim meets. It really does make it much easier to swim for those with long hair. Boys are encouraged to wear swim caps for swim meets. Parent Coordinators will have these for sale throughout the entire season, so if you loose yours or it breaks just find a Parent Coordinator. Latex caps will be sold for $5 and silicone caps will be $10.

Other Gear

  • Goggles are strongly recommended
  • Team T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Sweatpants and more are available as well. We will be encouraging swimmers to wear their gear to show team spirit and unity at swim meets!

Snappers team gear is available for sale at the beginning of the season through our Snappers team store!

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Sherborn Snappers Store

  1. Snappers Towel B - Royal Comfort Terry Velour Beach Towel 32" X 64"
  2. Snappers Mesh Bag - Sporti Premium Mesh Backpack
  3. Snappers T-Shirt - SwimOutlet Unisex Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
  4. Snappers Youth T-Shirt (Black) - SwimOutlet Youth Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt
SwimOutlet Team Store
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